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DO NOT login to your organisation to register a project, go to the organisation search box and enter a key word from your organisation name in the search box. When the list appears, click on your organisation and from there you will be able to register a project.

DO NOT save login details to your browser. When you have more than one login for the same site, the saved details will self-populate for all logins.

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This is an area where you can register your organisation ONLY if you are NOT already registered in the grants online system and apply for grants through the Office of Sport.

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Applying for a Grant

To apply for a grant for your project, first search for and select your organisation in the organisation search box.

  • To register a new project select ‘register project’ and enter the requested information. You will need to choose a project password, and it is important that you keep a note of this as it is required each time you login to your project application.
  • When you click 'register', an activation email will be sent to the email address provided. (An email will also be sent to the registered contact person for your organisation). You will need to follow the instructions in this email and click on the link to activate your project registration. This email will contain your unique project login/project ID and it is recommended that you make a note of this.

Make sure that the organisation contact details are current, when you register a project an email is sent to the registered organisation contact to confirm that you have approval to apply for funding on behalf of the organisation.

Completing the online application

  • Use your project login and password to login.
  • Complete each section of the online application. Ensure you read and follow any instructions provided.
  • Each information field has a limit to the number of text (letters, numbers and punctuation), that can be entered and this can be used as a guide to the level of detail required where descriptive information is to be provided.
  • You do not need to complete the application in one go. It can be completed in stages. To ensure your information is saved, complete a section (all the information on a page) and then click on “save” before exiting.
  • You will need your project login and password to log back into your application.

Submitting the application

  • Information must have been entered into all mandatory information fields (indicated with asterisk *).
  • The declaration must be agreed to.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button. - You will see a message on screen that you have successfully submitted your application. You will also receive a confirmation email with a PDF copy of your application.
  • Once an application has been submitted no further changes can be made.

The system will not allow applications to be submitted after 5pm of the closing date of the program.